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Hi my name is Douglas F. Grant CFP®. I am the founder and president of Grant Asset Management. I am located in Middletown, NJ. I am 37 years old and have been working in the financial services industry for 15 years. We are an independent RIA and are 100% fee based. We manage our client’s assets through the Charles Schwab platform.

Between myself and my partner we work with individuals, families, businesses, and charities with their planning needs. Between us we manage a little under $50 million and are looking to grow aggressively for the next 10 years with the right people. Our financial planning model is very personable. We enjoy building relationships with great people and helping them reach their financial goals. Our model is very educational and focuses on entire picture not just the assets under management. We work closely with estate planning attorneys, insurance brokers for property and casualty, CPAs, and other vented professionals when working closely without clients.

How Our Clients Work with Us:

1.) Financial Planning: This includes everything possible in completing a comprehensive financial plan. We use planning software, projections, asset management, insurance, budgeting, tax efficiency, estate planning, etc. Basically, we handle financial plan from top to bottom.

2.) Specific Situation or Product Need: Some clients do not need the entire planning we offer but might just need 1 or 2 things. A better CPA, a college savings plan, a retirement budget, a term insurance policy, etc. Some people don’t want a whole plan they just want a few things and we are capable of assisting.

3.) Asset Management: Some of our clients just want their assets managed. We are very transparent with clients. We will sit down 4 times a year to review the accounts, the goals, the fees, etc. We use different strategies depending on the client’s situation.

Why Work with Us?

*I will be able to pay you a premium for your practice. You worked your entire life building this practice and we want to make sure that you are compensated for it. You are trusting us with your clients going forward so we want you to be as involved as possible for a smooth transition.

Education: Between myself and my partner we are both CFPs®. My partner also teaches the CFP Course on a national level and is a college professor in financial planning. This is very important because of the amount of regulation and policy tax/ planning changes that occurs on a monthly basis.

Great Service: We are small enough that we can really focus on each client individually as opposed to having thousands of clients that we are unable to service. Every client has my cell phone and calls/ texts me regularly if they need anything.

Independent Model: We created model so we only position products for clients that make sense for their specific situation. We use a few insurance brokers that allow us to use every product. Example: Our client has blood disease but was not life threatening. We were able to shop his life insurance with over 100 carriers to find best one for him.

Age: The fact we are 37 and 40 puts us positioned for the next 25-35 years to work for a client. If the client wants long term relationship, we are open to talk and promise to be around for a long time.

Douglas F. Grant CFP®
Grant Asset Management

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