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Our firm is actively seeking growth and realize we need to partner with others to build AUM. We are fixed income professionals with over 39 years experience that began primarily with closely held accounts of partners / friends / family and successfully built an impressive track record which we have leveraged to attract some additional clients. We have no marketing and as such ideally seek a partner that has the ability to utilize our unique skill set. Succession and continuity planning are other considerations we would like to address.
We work with RIAs and clients throughout the US by helping them generate higher levels of tax exempt income and risk-adjusted returns for their clients.
Our firm specializes exclusively in tax exempt securities, and because of our enhanced perspective we are able to offer unique value added benefits.

• Our advantage is being able to access the entire spectrum of the municipal securities marketplace where we analyze thousands of bonds for ideal structure, price and inherent value qualities including securities presently being underwritten in the new issue market.
• Many of these issues tend to have lower prices and yield advantages which produce short term trading opportunities and generally only exchange hands between institutional investors.
• Since we are an institutional buyer we have access to products that the majority of retail investors do not.
• Our trading platform provides significant transaction and execution advantages by eliminating middlemen.
• While still dominated by institutional investors, banks and broker dealers, we have been successful at bringing these total return strategies to high net worth managed clients.

Portfolio management is our strength and seek a strategic partnership, merger, acquisition, etc to expand to the next level. Ideal candidate desires to add distinctive strategies to their client allocation options. AHW & Co specializes and manages exclusively tax advantaged investments for total return. What distinguishes us is our proprietary active trading of SMA client accounts that provides a growth component in addition to tax free income. Our programs have verifiable track records of over 5-8 years and have achieved equity like returns that generally have a negative correlation to the S&P. We are considered a "best in class" manager and consistently have ranked in the top 5% of all US Fixed Income Managed peer group in the Morningstar Direct database.

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