My team is looking for firms to acquire or create a strategic partnership with that have a similar client approach and investment management philosophy. We believe that our extensive experience, work ethic and diverse management and educational backgrounds are strengths that have contributed to our success individually and as a team. Additionally, with the support of our RIA, Goss Advisors, we have been and will be very competitive when bidding for practices.

Why Goss Wealth Management?

Goss Wealth Management is a comprehensive financial planning firm with offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA. Since 1981, Goss Wealth Management’s mission has been to help clients navigate through the complexities of their financial lives to emerge with a clear plan of the future. Our “listen first” philosophy is the foundation of every client relationship and has been the key to our success.

GWM vitals
• Team of 5 experienced wealth managers
• Over 800m AUM in 40+ states
• Diversity of professional backgrounds in the financial services, real estate, hospitality and retail industries
• Team of professionals with many industry certifications, board memberships and education credentials.
• 2 seamless, very successful practice acquisitions in the past 4 years

Why Goss Advisors?

Our RIA partnership was founded in 2014 to give each of our individual practices a better way to serve our clients and to manage time and expenses more effectively than we could on our own. Managing these can be costly from both a monetary and time perspective. At Goss Advisors, all our advisors, share in the costs, infrastructure, and resources required to be independent.

Goss Advisors vitals
• 100+ advisors with $7.9 billion in brokerage and advisory assets as of 9/01/2020
• Named to 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Financial Times 300 Top RIAs
• Dedicated portfolio management team
• An operations, compliance, and advisor support staff of 10
• Financial resources and administrative support to successfully manage any size merger or acquisition

Regardless of your succession timeline, we have the ability to structure a deal that meets your needs and the tools to potentially increase your business’s profitability through economies of scale. This scale allows for greater income during the transition and a higher overall buyout.

Ultimately, we understand that you must do what you feel is best for your clients and your business. Let us assist you in that process. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss our value proposition and answer any questions you may have.

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