I am the primary investment professional inside a fee-only RIA that is focused on client acquisition rather than investment management. I have almost 20 years of equity analysis and portfolio management experience, mostly in the institutional side of the business (top 50 global mutual fund managers). I have a 3 year record for a 45-50 stock large blend portfolio that has beaten the S&P 500 with lower standard deviation (calculated using Tamarac) and a 2 year record on a 20-25 concentrated stock + option portfolio that lagged slightly in 2018 and is ahead YTD with a Sharpe over 2. I also manage fixed income exposures for certain clients that provides BBB and better investments with duration of 3-5 years.

I am looking for any of the following 3 outcomes:
1. Speaking with Advisors that are interested in providing their clients with equity SMAs;
2. Joining a practice that is interested in providing their clients with in-house, single name strategies in equities and potentially fixed income;
3. Buying an existing practice that manages single name exposures for individuals and/or institutions.

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