I have been in business for 20 years and have grown strictly by word of mouth. I have not entertained the idea of purchasing another practice until now. I would like to grow my practice mainly in the North Texas region. My investment and business model is to grow my clients' portfolios using mainly mutual funds and individual stocks in the attempt of growing their portfolios based on the client's risk tolerance. Clients tolerances are always changing therefore their portfolio design is constantly changing too. My clients are mainly in the North Texas region, but I have also a substantial amount of clients in Houston, Texas and a few scattered around the country. I attempt to meet face to face with my clients at least once a year, but stay in contact with them in other ways many times throughout the year. I focus on building a strong relationship with my clients. My current clients are not necessarily high net worth clients, but rather hard working individuals who are wanting to maximize their retirement savings using my investment and financial planning expertise.

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