Simply said, I've been in practice for 18 years, from AG Edwards to Merrill Lynch to LPL. Love it here. Nothing fancy about it, it's just a great place to run your practice the way you wan tto do so. I'm very process based, scalable, efficient, super proactive with clients and writing my own newsletters every 2 months or more, only have about 50 families in my book, so my avg household is about $750k, so lots of time available for more. I'm looking to do a few more acquisitions of any size, small to large, and my RIA has about 120 other advisors in it for extra needs, and awesome support staff. Very open to merging that leads to an acquisition, too, and I'm not greedy like some on the financials. I just love the work. Also very happy to chat to share what I've learned about buy/sells and the processes and financing, too, even if you don't choose me. Ed Smith ___-___-____

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