With a culture of customer service and a focus on retirement and legacy planning, we are ready to service the needs of your practice. A business continuity partnership with us can help you prepare for the unexpected and secure your legacy while maintaining 100% autonomy to run your practice exactly the way you want, for as long as you want to run it.

If you are looking for a succession partner that can free up your time a little... or free up your time a lot, we can answer the questions rolling around in the back of your mind and help you clarify the vision for your second half. Through well-designed office processes, we already provide financial planning to a little over 250 families and businesses. With a predominately fee-based practice and more than $300 million in assets under advisement, we have strong cash flow and access to lending, positioning Vector as a well-qualified buyer in a crowded sellers’ market.

Through our intern program, we are training and developing the talent of tomorrow while creating capacity within our firm to be prepared to serve your future needs.

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