Between my partners and I we have 35 years experience. After restructuring our branch in 2019; and losing advisors to their own ventures. We are currently managing 7 million. We are looking to take over books but will entertain working with someone who plans on retiring within next 1-3 years in order to achieve a smooth transition. We will value your customers with the upmost integrity as we plan to start a fund of our own one day.

We travel all over the country to service clients, sometimes this is for weeks at a time - We would be glad to meet with you in person to discuss strategies as well as our background.

For me personally, I come from a hardworking and high integrity background instilled in me by my father and grandfather. I have 10 years’ experience in the high paced logistics industry which gave me firsthand experience to the worlds global supply chains and how these supply chains impact today's financial markets.

In 2015 I transitioned to a financial advisor with a niche in the Equity & Options Markets as well as passive income strategies constructed around dividend payments and capital preservation. Because of my background and financial strategies I believe I would be a great fit for your clients upon your retirement.

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