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We are actively pursuing acquisitions. Utilizing the structure of our successful four person team, we are looking to find underserved practices that will benefit from our processes, allowing us to create value for both seller and buyer. We seek to build long-term financial stability for both clients and our team members. The success of both parties is closely interconnected and inseparable. For the majority of the acquisitions we are looking to complete, we would be cash buyers and not require financing.

Approximately 70% AUM are held by retired clients, with the average tenure of clients being well over 12 years. Our ideal and target clients are friends and family of our current clients, who often come to us, seeking better service and integration than that offered by their current advisor. Based upon client segmentation tiers, we follow prescribed touchpoints and service level matrices to ensure full client engagement. Words like CRM, Client Workflow, Task Management, Tracking, and 1099 Interfacing, mean something to our practice, and ultimately to our clients.

We like fun and we like technology. Our team has successfully engaged clients with our fun, award-winning client events, and by fully utilizing and adopting the outstanding technology platforms available. We have been twice recognized by our national home office for offering the TOP client engagement ideas, both 2016 and 2018.

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