We work for our clients, not a large corporation, and the partners in our firm are all advisors. Decisions are made locally and collaboratively by people who live in the communities they serve. We are not motivated by the selling of products unnecessary to our clients. We are bound ethically, by the legal fiduciary standard, to act in our clients best interest. Instead of fitting clients into products or services, our passion is providing education that empowers you. All of our advisors have advanced designations and education to further our mission of providing the best service to our clients as possible. Our objective is to find other advisors who are interested in moving out of the business within 1-5 years who are looking for a successor firm to work cooperatively with the succession of their business to advisors who will take care of their clients after that advisor retires. We are also interested in purchasing books of business from advisors who are exiting the industry completely.

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