I am a female CFP financial advisor with over 30 years of experience. I specialize in advising women, corporate execs, pre-retired and retirees. I focus on financial/retirement planning (can complete a plan in 30 min using RetireUp), investments with downside protection (structured notes & annuities w/buffers or stop loss provisions), insurance (hybrid LI, LTC) and maximizing benefits (e.g. deferred comp/stock awards). I am looking to build rapport and speak with like-minded advisors to partner or merge my practice who are between 35 and 50 years of age. I'm looking to create a succession plan and eventually sell my organization to this person or team.

I am looking to work another five years full-time and 1-2 years part-time. My preference would be to stay with LPL Financial and team with another female; however, I am slightly open to other possibilities if aligned with the fundamental core values of an exemplary partnership. The precise candidate that I'm looking to build a rapport with must have an organic, holistic approach that consists of the following financial planning areas: cash flow analysis, insurance, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, and taxes that has implemented the essential core values of knowledge, expertise, honesty, transparency, and integrity that exudes an overall customized client-centered approach. In effect, I operate similar to a family office and am looking for an organization that provides exceptional service and attention to the client.

Lastly, I would like to market to Amex employees thru LinkedIn as I worked in the Amex corporate HQ in NYC for 10 years as a resident FA. There is an opportunity to acquire additional clients thru a marketing plan that I would like to implement with another advisor or team.

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