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I am looking to purchase a practice or a partial book of business. I am the owner if Hill Investments llc, which is an RIA registered in the State of Michigan. I have over 15 years of experience and I am a former U.S. Marine, M.P., an AAMA, and an elected official. My value statement focuses on three different levels, 1) working with hard cases such as clients that only have a short time to retirement and have not adequately prepared their portfolio. 2) also working with the newly approved Medial Marijuana industry in Michigan and finally 3) law enforcement such as Corrections (MDOC) and local Public Safety, or police, and fire departments. I incorporate day trading as part of my tools to help individual clients reach their retirement goals. Financial planning such as Retirement, College, Trusts and simple 401 (k) vehicles are another tool that I use to help clients reach their goals. Lastly, by working on monthly budgets, debt reduction, and simple saving methods I help those individuals that are nearing or in retirement and are not maintaining pre-retirement standards of living. Unfortunately, many Americans fall into that category and are attempting to rely on Social Security benefits to get by! As a Christian, of which I take very seriously, I am bound to help those in need with the skills that our Lord Jesus has given me.

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