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We have a team member moving to Colorado Springs in 2020 and we'd like to buy a book of business that is focused on business owners - especially complex, multi-generational family businesses. The ideal practice would have under 25 families that it serves with AUM north of $75M.

We have a talented team that primarily serves family owned businesses throughout Upstate NY and we are excited to enter the Colorado Springs area.. We have acquired one practice successfully. We have the capacity for either an all cash deal or buy out over time which ever is most beneficial to all parties.

We may be open to a higher multiple for the right clients. Our last acquisition was for the advisor's top 5 family businesses. The rest of his book was executives and retirees. He sold that portion to another advisor - thus reducing his risk and leveraging the sale of the practice.

Our team has been recognized as a leader in financial planning - we are the 2019 winner of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards competition. We will take great care of your clients. I am a ChFC and CBEC. As well as working on certification within the Gravitas Impact 4 Decisions coaching program. My associate is a CFP and we are grooming the practice manager to become our paraplanner. I have also been a member of The Purposeful Planning Institute since it started and have spoken nationally and internationally about family businesses.

We prefer a smaller number of complicated clients with high annual revenues - we shine when it comes to complex family dynamics and succession planning. We would be open to practices any where in the country that fit our unique ability and would be profitable over time regardless of our location.

Let's have a discussion and see where things go from here.

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