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We are a wealth management firm with fully staffed offices in Manasquan, NJ & Marlton, NJ. Our mission is to grow our practice through acquisitions and long-term continuity planning. By partnering with advisors towards the end of their career we have found that we can accomplish several things.

We are able to provide the advisor who is looking to get out of the business a team who has the ability to continue servicing his/her clients moving forward. By having a trusted advisor team with a client service model in place to assist his/her clients, the advisor can begin to paint their own retirement picture. By providing flexibility in the structuring of the long-term continuity plan we have found our partners are more comfortable in exiting the business at their leisure.

We are looking to begin a discussion with other Central and South Jersey advisors who are interested in creating a succession or continuity plan.

We are fully aware based on experience that this process does not happen overnight. The economics have to be right for all parties but more importantly there needs to be a cultural fit. Please reach out if you are interested in starting the discovery process.

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