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My practice focuses on investment and retirement planning, using mutual funds, ETF's, CEF's dividend paying stocks and annuities. I also use insurance products when needed to complete the client's requirements, and encourage estate planning for all my clients by creating a will or trust, with medical directives and powers of attorney. Most of my clients are still working and some are business owners, with approximately 20% of all clients in retirement. I have built a strong sense of trust with my clients and receive most of my new business through referrals. I serve on the Risk Management Board and the Public Safety Pension Retirement System Board for the City of Tempe, and served for two years as treasurer for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. I manage the investment accounts for the Tempe Chamber and Foundation, as well as my church. My accomplishments in these non-paid positions have helped foster the sense of trust and demonstrated my commitment to acting as a fiduciary and placing my clients interest before my own. I am looking to purchase or merge with a practice that is located in Phoenix or the East Valley and shares the same commitment to client serve and success.

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