Thank you for taking the time to visit the listing details - based on the amount of responses - please provide a starting point in regards to valuation based on the information provided.

My practice is centered around small business 401k plans with a mix of individual accounts. The practice has no debt. The number of 401k plans totals 10. The Book is now 100% fee based and the majority of my individual accounts are the 401k plan business owners.

The Practice also includes the southern section of New Jersey for marketing a course through a company called FMT Solutions. FMT Solutions is a turn key marketing firm. - I have the exclusive rights to South NJ. - if you present the course correctly it averages 4-6 million in new assets - I did my first class in February and picked up 3.7 million in assets. I can provide the historical statistics if required. I have noticed these are prospects that I, as well as, most advisors would not normally have an opportunity to bring on as a new client.

I will need to verify the buyers ability to purchase the practice.

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