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First and foremost, you are looking for a discrete sale, merger or continuity plan in which you will be confident that your clients, your family and your friends will be cared for professionally and fairly should you, for whatever reason, no longer be associated with your firm. Additionally, you are looking to either extract some capital from the firm you worked so hard to build, are looking to implement a succession plan ('"just in case") or are looking to pack your bags and go to a warmer climate.

I started my career "in the seat' for 7 years at ML and then transitioned to a number of branch management assignments at another bulge bracket Street firm. I was fortunate to be very early to the Independent Advisory space joining a small, independent RIA firm in 2006. I was largely responsible for growing that firm into an RIA/BD with a National footprint. Having sold my interest in that firm, I have been consulting and now am working with PE investors as they contemplate entry or exit from the independent advisory space. As a result of this wide and varied experience I have developed an extraordinary network of friends and colleagues in the space. I have also come to realize that what I like most is building the business and interacting with advisors and clients.

And so, I have come full circle from the Thundering Herd to the PE world and now back to my roots. I seek to enter into a relationship or a series of relationships with a firm or firms whereby I can share my expertise, experience and network to solve the looming issue for all of us which is succession planning. Home for me is suburban Philadelphia and that seems to be a logical place to start this quest.

So to be clear, I am a buyer, a potential merger partner or a potential partner in existing Advisory or Hybrid Advisory firms. I welcome the opportunity to have a cup of coffee to discuss your particular situation.

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