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I am a sole practitioner with over 20 years experience and a clean U4. I take a wholistic approach with my clients, implementing a Comprehensive Financial Plans for each and every client. I practice in the MD/PA area and recently in Sarasota FL. Most of my clients are in the MD/PA area but I am trying to expand my market share of Florida as well as MD/PA clients, I am an Ameriprise employee and they support me in both areas with offices, support etc. I am looking to aggressively grow my business and, with Ameriprise's financial backing, am ready to purchase any size practice for up to 3 times the trailing 12 month GDC. I will also entertain a partnership arrangement, providing that the partner would work for Ameriprise with one of the best up-front deals in the industry and the potential of taking over my practice when I retire - approximately 8 years form now.

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