Helping people as a financial advisor is my professional calling, and I am lucky to have figured that out early in college. Growing up I observed a mix of positive and negative financial experiences within my family, so it has always been a passion of mine to help families get on the right side of financial security and planning.

I started my financial planning practice in 2008 at age 22 as a Financial Representative selling life, disability, and long-term care insurance products, and brokerage investment solutions. Now, 11 years in I've built a great foundation of seasoned/career staff as well as meaningful client relationships. Clientele include closely held businesses, pre-retiree/newly retired individuals/couples, business executives/doctors and dentists age 35 to 55.

Within the last three years we've begun acquiring managed assets at an accelerated pace. My vision is to build AUM to $250 million by age 45 (12 years) while continuing to meet my clients risk management needs while serving clients and their families with exceptional care. With 30 to 40 years left in my career, I am well positioned to work with clients who are approaching their retirement years or are already retired. I'll be able to serve them and their heirs the entire length of their retirement and ensure a smooth transition for their family.

Ideally, the best fit would be an acquisition/succession mix, where the selling partner has a transition period of a couple years to ensure clients are well cared for and all relationships are happy with the transition.

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