There are two businesses involved in the offer, and together they create a 3-step vertical channel. The vertical is: Major Media - Newsletter - Managed money.

The newsletter is the longest standing proactive newsletter on the internet today, and has a focus on risk control. For example, its Tail Risk hedge has protected portfolios from every crash since the turn of the century. The newsletter has $2.8 Billion following it. The research is also distributed through Factset, Refinitiv, Reuters, Bloomberg, IB, Zacks, etc., and attracts a massive institutional audience.

The biggest readers are Citadel, Blackrock, Two Sigma, Rentech, etc. Approximately 62,000 family offices and RIAs also read our research monthly. Twitter impressions = 9.5 million in September. The Money Manager has assets by happenstance.

The business is exceptional for firms who want to attract intuitional investors, or for those looking to expand retail. Online trading tools geared for retail are easy and efficient to implement. Marketing is free through our established relationships, new interested eyeballs come through the channel every day, and it happens without new out-of-pocket expenses.

Summary: subscription revenue, institutional exposure, massive retail expansion, and free marketing.

If you are interested please let us know.

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