What will your clients think about your personal retirement transition? Will your choice of a merger partner place them in equally capable fiduciary hands? If you value the quality and reliability of your clients’ future services (in other words, your legacy), then a merger with Holland Financial may be your ideal exit strategy. Holland Financial was established in 1997 by David Holland, CFP®, CPA/PFS. We are located in Northeast Florida, independent, and put our clients’ interests first. And, while we manage about $160 million of fee-based assets “in-house,” we also place a heavy emphasis on tax, retirement income, financial, and trust and estate planning. A merger with Holland Financial would add twenty professionals to your clients’ financial team and robustly expand the breadth of services available to them. If you are a registered investment adviser seller with a preference for a deliberate and slow-paced transition, we invite you to confidentially contact us by calling our Business Development Director, Mike Peerless, at ___-___-____.

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