We are a boutique private wealth management firm focused on ultra-high net worth families and their businesses.

We have been experiencing fast growth, with 50%-70% growth year over year over the last three years. Our business is comprised of a multifamily office model which our primary focus is on bespoke products to fit the suitability of our client’s needs.

We are the primary investment managers for all of our clients and their households.

We provide a suite of services designed around each client, from family trust planning, corporate trust planning, lending, investment management, 401K inception and plan management, risk management and insurance services.

We are highly capitalized, and we are looking to acquire a range of advisors or RIA’s ranging from $50M-to-$1B in AUM. There must have an average household relationship minimum of $1M-to-$2M per household and only fee based. We will welcome the opportunity of acquisition for exiting advisors with a time horizon from 1-to-5 year to exit/succession plan if needed. We are a multi-custodial firm with assets primarily on the Pershing platform. However, we have the capability to custody with Schwab, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity as well.

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