I am a wealth advisor with LPL Financial and am looking to buy out partial or a full book of business in AUM. We are also open to have an advisor with a 1 to 5 year outlook to join us as he/she transitions out of the industry. We provide full service financial planning, investments, retirement, health insurance, retirement, life insurance, property and casualty insurance and much more for individuals, families and businesses. Currently using Moneyguide Pro for financial planning, Redtail for CRM, LPL Financial as our broker dealer,

I focus on doing what's right for the client and we are looking to build a practice that can help everyone succeed including financial advisors that want to join us. Our practice is located in Apollo Beach, FL and in Plano, TX. We service clients in several other states as well.

In addition to being in wealth management, life insurance, property and casualty, Medicare and health insurance, we are successful entrepreneurs with a well established and organized businesses. We provide our clients services that helps them build wealth, maintain and protect their wealth. Currently 100% retention rate with our clients who are extremely pleased with our services.

If you are looking to phase or transition out of the business through out the next several years or would like to sell your book of business right away, we have the ability to accommodate which ever option you are looking for.

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