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Female practitioner, working independently in a practice of five advisors. I have been with my firm for 35 years. AHIP (American Health Insurance Professional) certified and contracted for MEDICARE.
My practice is very holistic encompassing Retirement Income Planning, Investment & Tax Planning, Medical Finance Planning as well as Legacy planning. Looking to buy all different size books. I would like to purchase a book of business within the year. Interested in any kind of advisory book. The ideal candidate will be independently a team player. I appreciate anyone who invests in themselves and in their business and is willing and excited to share and exchange ideas and concepts. We can do so much more together than we can by ourselves. Team includes a Junior Advisor in-training and dedicated well-trained staff.
Personally I invest in myself and my business as follows: Maintence of CLU, ChFC; Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor; C2P (Clarity to Prosperity); MDRT, Financial Services Professionals; Horsesmouth training. As well as attending conferences and seminars on a regular basis.

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