Our firm consists of 21 full time and seasonal staff - CFP, EA's, and CPA credentialed individuals along with licensed assistants. We offer financial planning, tax preparation and tax advisory/planning, and small business accounting. We use a tax centric focus with all of our clients. We have strong operations and processes in place to continue on a growth track and we are very interested in acquiring new books, talking with advisors looking for a continuation or succession plan, or possible merging. Our broker dealer offers incentives and provides assistance with valuation and financing. Our firm started with strictly tax and accounting 31 years ago. Added the financial planning approximately 22 years ago. We just completed an expansion of our footprint in our community by adding over 11,000 sq ft of new office space to our existing 6000 sq ft. We also have room for other CPA's looking for a strategic partnership for revenue sharing.

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