$9MM AUM / $140K Gross Revenue / I am a portfolio builder. I am interested in LPL associated successors/buyers only.

Incoming dividends on the book of business exceeds $1,000,000 annually. Low maintenance clients.

My clients are all invested in publicly traded companies - that comprise my personal portfolio. We are dividend growth investors and use the incoming cash flow to compound dividend paying assets and income. Benchmark performance is minimum of 7.2% after fees. Practice is scaled to determine what I want to purchase with that month's dividend and then to buy for clients.

I have the vast portion of my book invested in Equities and a smaller portion invested in Mutual Funds for (401K business. I have 55 accounts and 97% of my revenue generated is fee based. My clients are very low maintenance and about 10-12% of them are located in Michigan.

I plan to retire in approximately 2 years. However, I would prefer to stay on board for approximately 6-12 months once my successor takes over in order to service the accounts.

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