We do wealth management and fee-based financial planning. We can place insurance/annuities when it is part of planning but insurance/annuities are not substantial part of business. We have a great team that has capacity to take on additional clients. We are well positioned to work w/ folks remotely as well.

We'd be looking to purchase brokerage books of $10M-$100M where the advisor has great relationships and wants to make sure that whomever takes over their book cares for the clients as well. We'd be open to paying a consulting fee if you'd want to stay active to a degree. We'd entertain larger books of business but my clients are always my primary concern and over $100M, we'd have to add staffing before taking on the book of business.

As the owner, I am a CFP®/JD/MBA/CKA®/CLTC® and still have 20+ years in this industry to go.

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