250MM AUM / $1.4MM Gross Revenue / The majority of our book of business is invested in Mutual Funds. A much smaller portion invested in REITs, Annuities and Life insurance which we are looking to grow. Of our core staff of 3, we have 2 Certified Public Accountants, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified Personal Financial Planner (PFP), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®), and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®). In addition, our team of 6 referring advisors are all Certified Public Accountants. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of a 100-person local CPA firm which makes up 10% of our advisory business with the potential for significant growth. We manage approximately 300 households and roughly 75% of our revenue generated is fee based.
We're currently looking for a book that's structured similar to our own with $35MM to $75MM in AUM. We are in a unique situation as we can either acquire a practice or be acquired. Our goal is to expand our business.
From our inception in 1999 we have been committed to providing exceptional service to our clients by offering Client Focused, Tax Centric Wealth Planning by our accessible staff.
We seek to proactively address the needs and concerns of our clients and colleagues to foster strong, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationships.
We are accessible and prepared to act quickly to meet the needs of our clients.
Our words and actions demonstrate that we are reliable and dependable, always striving to meet the highest standards of our profession.
Because we are service-focused, we anticipate your needs, propose practical solutions and follow through accordingly to address those needs.
We hold ourselves to the highest level of personal and professional performance by promoting a culture of continuous development and collaboration.

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