I am looking to buy a practice in California. I have been in the industry for 30 years. I am with the Financial Services Network. I custody with LPL and Schwab. I have written 5 books. I have guest lectured at Stanford University multiple times. I have a TEDx talk: https://___ AARP recently hired me a few times to speak to their members. I was an SVP at Merrill Lynch. I have no FINRA complaints. I love this industry and the clients that I serve. If you are looking for a responsible, intelligent and hard working person to sell your business to, I am that person. I treat my clients like family. I am incredibly easy to get along with. I am happily married with 2 kids.
I understand that it is imperative for you to sell your business that you worked so hard for to the right person. I know that you want to have no surprises or a bad fit. I am keenly aware that you want to confidently enter retirement knowing that your replacement will take good care of the clients that you care about so deeply. I am the person that you have been looking for. Make sure that we have a quick call before you decide. I guarantee it will be worth your time!

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