I work in Business Development for a mid-sized independent broker dealer, and am searching for books of business to acquire on behalf of a practice in Houston, TX. This may involve purchasing the book, or perhaps utilizing our broker dealer's unique succession program.

Some benefits of the succession program are listed below:
• Provides up to 75% of your pre-retirement contracted rate on your recurring revenue for up to 20 years. This will often result in income 5-8 times more than selling your practice.
• You choose when to retire. It could be 1 year down the road or 10 years or more. It’s your choice.
• If you were to pass away, your beneficiaries are protected and will continue receiving payments at the same rate for up to 20 years. As a matter of fact, you're immediately vested in this program as part of our Rep Agreement. That means if something were to happen to you before you actually retire, we would pay your beneficiaries accordingly.
• Your clients will be appropriately serviced to ensure retention of business and recurring revenue

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