I am a younger advisor who has had success building my practice and I am looking to scale up assets and revenue through a purchase or merger as I have the capacity to do so at this moment.

I previously spent 10 years on the equity trade floor prior to moving to an advisory capacity where I have been able to grow my book to just under $100MM AUM in 5 years. I've built my business by watching many others and trying my best to incorporate their best practices that I've adopted from some of the most successful advisors at major firms I previously worked with. I take a wealth planning approach to discover client's needs and assets - then we focus on investments. I'm cross border fully licensed advisor (US securities, CDN securities, insurance, discretionary) in Canada and currently in the process of converting my practice to discretionary. I run a clean, compliant and fee-based practice that is built to scale. I also have 2 full time staff (Business Development Associate and also a licensed Associate - RR).

In terms of management style, we have and manage our own models of equities and fixed income. We actively manage the accounts and provide a high level of service and engagement with clients.

My practice is streamlined and I have the systems, time and capacity to take on new clients in the form of a purchase of part of, all of a practice, merging with another practice, or I would be open to becoming a succession plan for a senior advisor.

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