We are Cape Securities brokerage with over 40 years of working with individuals and businesses nationwide.

We are currently looking to team up with other advisors and brokerage firms in the NYC Metro Area, and Dallas, TX area; as well as purchasing smaller firms (under $50M) and/or books of business under $50M.

We are looking to greatly expand our AUM and practice this year. As we grow and combine our resources, we can achieve many new benefits: higher net payouts, reduced costs, and better branding and visibility within the communities we serve, etc.

Our outstanding platform offers all of our advisors/teams the flexibility to work independently to run their business how they see fit; all while having one of the lowest fees around, so you and your clients keep more money.

We have a partnership with Hilltop Securities for clearing and custodial support.

Cape also offers you a choice of established custodians for your advisory assets, as Cape Investment Advisory, Inc. has custodial relationships with recognized leaders such as:

Charles Schwab Institutional
TD Ameritrade Institutional
Interactive Brokers
Mainstar Trust for Non-standard Assets

If you are looking for independence with more resources, lower fees, and higher payout; Cape Securities may be the perfect fit.

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