Our Firm is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm that provides high net worth individuals and institutional clients with comprehensive and personalized wealth management planning expertise. Our firm was founded and run by two senior wealth managers with over 50 years of combined financial services and wealth management experience. Our investment approach is built on identifying each client’s unique objectives and establishing a customized investment plan to meet them. Our independent financial advisers address each critical step in the wealth management process including: goal setting and risk/return profiling; asset allocation modeling and execution; rigorous investment selection, monitoring and reporting. Our firm works with our advisers to develop the foundation for a long-term strategy designed to meet your specific wealth management needs. Our firm utilizes a variety of technology platforms and industry partners to deliver customizable solutions to our long standing loyal client base.

Our ideal candidates fall into one of two categories. The first candidate wants to merge their practice into ours to take advantage of our strengths which include a hybrid model, multiple clearing firms, deep bench of money managers and strategies to choose from, and a technology stack that provides both adviser and client a great experience. The other candidate is ready to find a firm to act as a successor for the practice and transition over some period of time to retirement with the confidence that the client base will be managed in the same manner and standards these clients are accustomed to.

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