We provide clarity for life's major transitions, such as retirement. We do this using The Fruitful Retirement process, which begins with mapping out a path to clarity to create a financial strategy that is tailored to our clients, empowering them to gain greater control over their finances, resulting in confident decision-making.

We are a holistic, goal-focused, client-centric, wealth management firm that works with successful families looking for a life-long partnership to provide guidance where their lives intersect their finances.

DWA was founded 4 years ago and we have grown to $200m in assets. We are at the strategic point where seeking out potential opportunities with other firms could result in synergies that are win-win for all parties, with our clients being at the center of that discussion. We could just as easily be looking for an acquisition as much as an acquisition of us or merger could be the outcome.

We hope to look at what opportunities may be available for an extremely efficient, highly profitable, self-sufficient RIA that is in growth mode. We realize there are other firms that have already traveled this path and may offer a road that could avoid the growth hiccups that can occur at this level of AUM.

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