My name is Matt Riggins, CEO and Founder of Mash Financial Planning.
My inspiration to become a financial planner stems from the Great Recession. Even after the markets recovered, I kept hearing folks tell me to stay away from the markets. There was so much fear of investing even though the markets were on the climb. I realized that I wanted to help navigate the ups and downs of the markets and their financial lives.

Family is important to me and my family and our life experiences are the reasons I created Mash Financial Planning. My 13-year-old daughter, Bella, has a moderate learning disability and ADHD. When I plan for my financial future, she is an integral part of that planning. There are so many additional factors to financial planning when someone in your family has special needs. I wanted to share my experience, passion, and expertise with other families in situations similar to my own.

My parents own a successful pharmacy and he hired a commission-based financial advisor who didn’t inspire trust or come up with ideas to help them with their financial decisions. For small business owners, hiring a proactive and tax-centric financial planner is an important step they can tale for their business and for themselves. I create my financial plans by researching both the tax benefits and consequences of every financial decision, and craft a plan that is customized to you and your unique financial situation

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