Advisory firm located in Northern Virginia servicing clients in predominantly four states with assets totaling approximately $84 Million (8% being B/D assets with 12b(1) fees). Owner wants to sell Advisory Firm clients, Small Broker Dealer clients (and the Broker Dealer), and a small amount of insurance clients. The custodian of these assets are primarily at T.D. Ameritrade. The $77,000,000 listed under "business mix" reflects only the advisory clients (not the B/D clients), and the trailing revenue of $611,000 reflects only the advisory clients. All total, the assets are $84,000,000 and the trailing 12 months of revenue is $644,000. Also, the number of accounts reflects only the advisory accounts and not the B/D accounts.

Ideal buyer would buy all of the above and use TD Ameritrade as custodian on the advisory clients. It is important that only financially qualified buyers having a ready source to pay for the practice contact us; and that the buyer has a Northern Virginia office arrangement to meet clients; and that the buyer has a financial planning background. A buyer willing to purchase all of the various parts of the business will be given priority.

As you can imagine, selling a practice is daunting -- so many inquires to review, so please respond with any important details about your firm that may not be in your profile with Succession Link.

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