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I am a financial advisor with over 20 years experience in the industry, who recently started a new practice from scratch. My career path was primarily on the Institutional side of the business working in Research, Hedge Funds, and most recently a startup ETF firm that is now over $1.5b in AUM. During my career I’ve had an inside view of best practices from an investment, compliance, and operational standpoint. I have always thought helping people reach their financial goals could be done with more care and personal attention. I want to build a business that is based on clients and their outcomes, not just aggregating and growing a business.

I am fortunate to have partnered with TCP Asset Management, a group of like-minded wealth advisor professionals who live by the golden rule and have the infrastructure I needed to begin this practice.

At TCP we’re a group of financial professionals committed to partnering with clients throughout their financial life. As a full-service independent firm, we provide honest, fiduciary financial advice to a dynamic group of successful individuals and their families.

We are interested in acquiring practices in the range of $5-50mm in AUM. The ideal practice would be an outright sale, legacy plan, or merge and grow. Our physical location and our support team has the capacity to provide outstanding support to our clients. We have financing in place to make for a swift transaction.

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