$2+ million in recurring fees from our approximately $200 Million AUM from our San Francisco Bay Area clients but this isn't where the REAL money is!

The real money is in our nationwide leads which are generated from our web site, which generates 30-40 $5+Million liquid net worth HNW leads monthly (many are over $10M, $25M and even over $100M LNW), who are seeking investment, tax and estate information and advice. That's right, we get 30-40 new $5+ million LNW leads, nationwide, monthly! BTW, we also generate about 30-40 leads monthly that are under $5 million LNW and we don't even respond to them.

I have even had a 33 year old multi-billionaire call me to talk after he saw our website. He had +$200 Million to invest and I lost him and this as well as many other similar stories is what has lead to this listing for sale. So, if you are really serious please be sure to read everything below.

Mind you these leads are not from paid ads, they are from ORGANIC GOOGLE TRAFFIC via our SEO work that we have done over the last couple of years.

We rank incredibly high on Google for MANY major Key Words which people search for when they are looking for Wealth management and financial advice.


1- Why are we looking to sell/merge?


ANSWER to #1: - We have so far failed to close in too many instances because, a) we are small (AUM/One Office only/only two partners and no employees), b) we mainly manage using indexing and our ways aren't sexy to the UHNW folks we have managed to attract, c) we don't have tax and estate planning services! We have in all honestly failed to close 100s of millions of dollars over the past 2 years and have concluded that we must partner with a NATIONWIDE large firm which has proven systems and a track record of closing tax, estate and investing clients to help us monetize with a high degree of efficiency the leads we are generating (tax wise, estate planning wise, as well as investment management wise).

ANSWER TO #2:- A nationwide large firm with the strong desire to build-on the SEO effort our firm has created and with proven systems and processes to successfully CLOSE/CONVERT/MONITIZE tax, estate and investment leads. We want to be compensated and share in the new revenues. We are also looking to be much less involved in the day to day and would prefer more of a higher level involvement. We of course also want to ensure a smooth transition for our existing clients and a continuation of the leads' flow. Imagine the potential from 360-480 new $5M LNW to $100M+ LNW leads per year, not just from your revenues stand point but also from adding massive valuation to your firm due to our SEO/website being combined into yours. The figures are astronomical when it comes to websites, much more so than actual revenues from fees. A good partner/buyer must have a full appreciation of this potential for a sale to have a chance.

Continued answer to #2: - At the end of the day price will dictate much of what we do (not just for the revenues we generate but also for the new AUM and revenues from the leads). It has never made sense to us to sell at 2X or 3X revenues because we can purely put things on cruise control and make that much in two years, this makes ZERO SENSE! So, while we understand that you don't know much about us, why don't you offer us a general idea of what you'd offer for our exiting revenues and how you might compensate us for the new revenues from the leads. What is lighting a fire under us is the loss of soooo many UHNW prospects and the heavy desire to monetize on our SEO efforts.

FINALLY, we will be extremely selective in the process of vetting out inquiries so if you wish to have a high likelihood of a reply from us then you might wish to consider offering solid evidence of how you fit what we seek. General replies will not be responded to.

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