Looking to purchase any piece of book of business that has ONLY employer retirement plans such as 401k's, 403b's etc.

We strictly due business retirement plans such as 401k, 403b's etc. We prospect all plans in the nation, since location does not matter these days. Especially for employer plans as your client where it is not necessary for them to physically see you. We apply data and analytics quantitively to ensure it is the best plan possible in the nation. We use benchmark reports through the new software platform "PlanPro". This software differentiated us significantly compared to other advisors because unlike other software platforms for employer plans where the benchmark report only questions a few data points; PlanPro takes many more data points and questions the investment lineup and its fiduciary rating. We also measure diversification and many more things against other plans. We prefer plans with 10 million or more in assets and participants over 100 because it allows us to use all of plan pro's features.

I only have two amazon logistics company's in my book. I was blessed enough with the funds to start a firm on my own full time and throughout the process I learned how to tune my prospecting strategies for C suite executives. I joined this part of the industry because it is my passion and I truly believe that I can dominate it. Why do I think that? In my opinion the employer retirement plan industry is one of the most complacent and arrogant around. Recordkeepers get paid to sell employers proprietary target date funds. Recordkeepers inappropriately charge employers admin costs. You can have two clients with the same assets and performance across the board and they could be pay two significantly different prices in terms of admin costs.

I am fairly confident about greater performance this year as I figured out how to bring a few prospects into the pipeline. I can manage on any platform. So although I put "other" for custodians please be advised for a 401k book of business it does not really matter what platform or custodian you use because to become an advisor on an employers plan, it is a simple phone call by the plan administrator to make that happen. Employers also do not have preference to custody because it does not effect their performance or management.

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