I am an experienced Financial Advisor in Phoenix West Valley in a small town called Verrado (Buckeye, AZ). I am primarily looking for a retiring advisor who wants to sell his/her business. I've been in the industry for more than half a decade. I have spent the first few years of my career working for large brokerages and asset management companies. After half a decade, I decided to take off the handcuffs and be able to provide more products, planning, and ongoing services to clients. In July 2021, I became an independent advisor and partnered up with my good friend David Johnson.

At Johnson Wealth Management, we have a fully integrated and customized approach to wealth management and investment consulting. Since every client is unique, every portfolio is designed to be suited to each particular client’s personal risk tolerance, needs, and objectives. Our culture is built and based upon the family and our mission at Johnson Wealth Management is to help clients live and leave a legacy. Johnson Wealth Management offers fee-only account services because we want to be freed from the conflicts of interest of working for a larger firm and being empowered to truly do what is best for each individual client.

I started building my independent book of business with Johnson Wealth Management with the aim of providing highly personalized investment solutions to individuals and families in Buckeye, AZ, and surrounding areas at a reasonable fee and lower asset minimum than other comparable firms. We are on the NW corner of Main Street in a small town called Verrado. In addition to investment management, my firm provides comprehensive financial planning, either as an ongoing service for investment management clients or on a one-time project-based basis.

Our firm is designed to be truly personal in that we will come to your home or office for meetings, as well as meet with you remotely if preferred. We combine this personalized relationship with some of the industry's best financial planning tools to empower our clients to take more control of their finances. At our core, we believe that if advisory firms are going to capture the next generation they will have to excel in investment personalization, prioritize financial planning and be willing to adopt new ideas and technologies. But simply and ultimately, our aim is to tap into what so many people are missing with larger firms--to be the trusted advisor who you can call anytime, text, shake their hand, grab a meal or a drink with and be the one that their family can get to know and grow in friendship with.

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