I am looking to continue expanding my growing practice by locating a like-minded seller with similar investment philosophies and a client-centered practice. I have 20 years experience in the industry. Additionally, I have a CPA who is also a CFA as part of my practice acquisition team. This ideally positions us for the upcoming legislative changes ahead. I have completed one successful acquisition in 2003 of a small estate planning firm that worked primarily with farm-families helping transition both wealth and preserve farm assets for the next generation. We are a relatively conservative and fee-conscious practice. We utilize technolgy to provide clients easy access to there entire financial picture via personal websites and financial plans as well as paper reports for those that prefer a more old-school approach. I look forward to talking further as i believe the most important aspect in a successful transition is similar philospohies that give clients a sense of continuity and re-engagement at the same time.

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