We own and operate our own RIA. The senior partner here left large brokerage world in 1996 and went independent so our familiarity of the independent space is long and deep. This is our second independent firm so and the first one was a firm that eventually was a 16 man partnership.

This current firm is a multiple office (3) RIA. We are interested in continuing mergers with and/or acquiring another RIA of similar sized clients and similar philosophies. Your average current client should be at or very close to seven figures. We are open to being acquired by an RIA but we definitely want to stay in this great business.

We have a retail client base as well as we manage some money on the third party basis via Fidelity which is our largest custodian and also uses UMA platforms, Envestnet/Placemark as well as at Jefferson National and Security Benefit.

All our personal client annuity work is done via the no load annuity platforms and does so for the low fees to the client and so we can manage the assets inside the annuity.

Separately from the RIA, also ran our own hedge fund and have jettisoned that now. Have two estate planning attorneys in our main office. They are in private practice but are a great asset to our clients.

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