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We are financial a group of Advisors and team members focused on being true fiduciaries to our clients. Our growth plan is to acquire solo and multiple advisor financial planning and wealth management practices. Our focus for all our clients is on exceptional service through our knowledgeable team member and by leveraging technology to it's fullest capabilities. This experience for our clients has greatly enhanced our deliverable and the feedback has been outstanding from all clients.

We realize the big difference in buyers saying they want to buy a business and having done it. We are a well capitalized company and have executed the purchase of another practice. We understand the nuance and need for a great amount of due diligence in the buyer/seller process. We also understand the value of the seller's relationship with their clients and look to make the transition as smooth as we can in the transition.

Having successfully navigated this process, we have a lot to share with a seller.

In our view it is simply table stakes to have practice alignment. For anyone looking to sell or merge, we would love to start a conversation to see if our visions and values align. Let's begin the process of successfully navigating the transition of your business and most importantly, your clients to a firm whose primary goal is an exceptional client experience.

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