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I am looking to either purchase a business, become a successor to one, or have someone merge their business with mine as a succession plan. I started my advisor career straight out of college and worked 80 hours a week until I bought my first business at 27 years old. I am now 41 years old and have been a Wealth Manager for almost 19 years. I got my CFP designation at 25 years old (I think I was the youngest in the room).

I restructured my business throughout the years to be focused on fee based asset management and I mainly clear through Fidelity at this point; however, I have no issue evaluating other custodians. Currently over 90% of my revenue is recurring and the remaining 10% comes from alts and long term care hybrid sales.

I believe in taking care of my clients in a comprehensive manner and do full financial plans as part of my service to them. I am well versed in several financial planning software tools such as, eMoney, Money Guide Pro, and NaviPlan. I am very technology oriented and run a paperless office and keep my client files updated using my CRM, Redtail.

I have contacted Live Oak bank about getting approved for a business loan and have gotten pre-approval so I am fully financed and ready to go!

I am hoping to find an advisor who is like minded, so the client transition will go smoothly. I am open to various payment structures as well as how long the previous advisor stays on.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to discussing your succession goals with you and keeping the legacy of your business running for years to come!

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