We are looking to acquire clients not only in the Bay Area, but all over the United States. We work with hard-working & dedicated individuals from all walks of life and have built a solid business from the ground up. The main goals are always making sure my clients are educated, their voice is heard, and plans are individually constructed with their specific goals in mind. Our ideal client is the serious long-term investor, no matter the age, income or net worth. We won't turn any individual away who is serious about becoming financially stable and willing to do the work & stick to a plan. We do not have a minimum investment amount and work with everyone from the first-time wealth builders, mom and pop shops, corporate executives, and athletes & entertainers. We have experience with managed money, high net worth individuals, financial planning, annuities, life insurance, long term care, disability insurance & more.

If you are looking to transition your clients that you love to a business that will treat them like family and not merely AUM, then you've found the right place! Send a message and let's chat.

I personally, as CEO, have been a financial advisor for over 10 years. I have adapted very well to the changing financial landscape and have the knowledge and drive to continue providing the ideal client experience. My focus has always been to Educate & Inspire. If you are looking to transition your clients to a young, tech savvy, personable individual who will be around for many generations to come, look no further. I would love to chat more!

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