We are an experienced advisor group in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa (We have offices in both areas). We're passionate about serving our clients and would like to meet advisors who are seeking an experienced, local or regional successor. Our group has successfully purchased and integrated two different books of business in the past three years. As seasoned buyers, we understand the importance of finding a good fit and growing a strong relationship with the seller/partner and their clients. Ideally, we'd like to visit with solo practitioners who are looking to transition into retirement in the next 1-5 years. That said, we are open to meeting with anyone, regardless of the timeline for transitions.

Our practice is a balanced mix of traditional advisory, traditional brokerage, and fixed insurance. We have embraced many new technologies that enhance face to face client interactions and make virtual meetings meaningful and streamlined. Additionally, we have extra office space available for advisors and support staff.

Again, we place the highest value in getting to know advisors seeking a successor to determine if we are the right fit for them, and they for us. We understand the decision to entrust client relationships, and a lifetime of work to a successor is difficult. We strive for an excellent working relationship with our new partner. Their insight and experience are invaluable.

Please feel welcome to reach out regardless of where you are at in your transition journey!

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