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Who do you want to look after your clients when you decide to retire? Who would they want?

Watermark Wealth Strategies is a comprehensive financial management and estate planning firm with 14 financial advisors and an additional 15 support staff. As we always tell our clients, there is nothing our firm cannot help you with financially during your life.

Collectively, Watermark has 5 offices and manages around $800 million in assets with an average advisor’s industry experience of 16 years. The firm’s expertise encompasses multiple areas of financial and estate planning, including investments, tax planning, Social Security planning, Medicare options, long-term care and life insurance, and, finally, estate and trust planning. Our firm is committed to education – both of clients and of ourselves. A quick look at our website will exhibit this is true of our team as designations range from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CERTIFIED ESTATE PLANNER professionals, to CPAs and Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDP), and even Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® certificate holders.

Watermark's #1 focus is to ensure our clients are confident with Watermark’s ability to act as their financial stewards throughout their lives, adapting to whatever changes occur. However, the firm also want our clients to have fun and establish a more personal experience with our team than larger institutions can offer. To do so, the firm hosts monthly events providing all of our clients (and their friends and family) an opportunity to see us on a regular social basis. These events range from smaller office-based events, such as happy hours, to larger events held at popular local venues, such as our Annual Market Review.

Watermark's goal is to find advisors looking to develop a continuity strategy for their clients. After working with clients for decades, the firm understands how important it is for an advisor to know these clients, now like family, are looked after as they so well deserve.

Fortunately, Watermark is not new to working with advisors looking to transition into retirement. Although we have some general framework already established, we like to remain flexible and work hand in hand with the advisor to build a plan which is beneficial to the advisor, Watermark, and, most importantly, the transitioning clients.

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