Hello! Thank you for viewing our profile. AQuest Wealth is a holistic financial planning firm that specializes in utilizing Money Guide Pro financial planning software to identify strategies that can improve client's lives. The key to our high-end strategic work is our in-house tax team led by a CPA with his Masters' in Tax. We do have some legacy commission assets, but the approximately $20MIL in new AUM we add annually go 90% to advisory accounts with a few FIA's for our more conservative clients. One of the nicest perks of our office is that we have multiple locations in Oakland and Macomb County for meetings or office space yet the entire platform is cloud-based, including our a virtual meeting space; so actually going to the office can be optional.

Although we are at LPL, they will permit us purchase an RIA and maintain that custodial relationship. We would be incredibly interested in purchasing an RIA to jump-start our foray into the hybrid model. I trademarked a succession process a few years ago based on the research I did for my Doctoral Dissertation. The Transition to Freedom Process often generate 50 - 100% more value for the seller than a typical buyout. I look forward to having you meet with the team and discussing how we can help you Transition to Freedom.

P.S. Please excuse our horrible website. We are having a custom one built that should be up and running my the end of July, 2018

Cheers, Dr. Jason Van Duyn CFP, ChFC, CLU, MBA

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