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Financial adviser and planner with a long background on Wall Street bond trading business is looking to add value to a boutique or larger practice. I have 40+ years experience in the bond business and know the bond markets inside and out, as both a salesperson, trader and credit analyst. My practice is to manage balanced portfolios, but if you want to increase your firm's bond market expertise we should speak. I have a CFA and CFP(R) and am well versed in risk management and use planning and risk management software tools in my practice. I have been changing my portfolios to enhance their scalability. I am fine to continue as a solo practitioner, but for the right fit a merger as a partner where we could all benefit (including our clients) from our varied backgrounds would be interesting to me. If you like this story and are interested in joining me on the other hand, I would consider this as well. A small group is fine, with all the software tools out there, economies of scale past a certain point, are ok but not a game changer in my view.

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