I would like to find an advisor who has an established practice and is thinking of retiring sometime in the next 5 years that has a practice that would fit well with my existing practice. I started my business in 1998 and have used LPL as my broker/dealer the entire time. To date, I have grown my business completely organically and this is the first time I'm considering an acquisition to grow my firm. In 2012 my practice was essentially 100% commissions. Sine then, I have stopped opening new accounts in a commission based arranged and have switched all new clients to a fee based advisory business under LPL's RIA. I have not yet forced clients to convert, but little by little that has been happening and the commission business has become only about 25% of annual gross and continues to shrink as the fee based AUM increases. As technology has grown and improved, I believe the timing is right to explore this area of growth and makes it easier to look at smaller practices (15mm - 75mm AUM) no matter where they may located in comparison to my own current office. Ideally, there would be a 2-5 year phase out period for the advisor, slowly retiring from his business so his/her clients can become comfortable with us as their advisor going forward. If you think you have a current practice that fits something close to what I'm looking for, please reach out and message me and let's begin a conversation.

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